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Magic Cove News 2021

The year for retirements, is it my turn yet......??

I was already way behind with writing the newsletter. At the time of writing this, we had been back from our holidays for a couple of weeks and I hadn’t given the newsletter much thought. Well, that was until I was given a gentle reminder by the boss, who mentioned that by this date last year I had finished it!!!! Time to panic then, as not only do I need to pull my finger out, the boss has also muted the suggestion that I increase it back up to four pages following last year’s pathetic two-page effort…...eeek. This has been made even more problematic due to the fact that I am badly short of material. I usually make notes on my phone, but this year I did not. Thankfully Lesley has come to the rescue as she secretly made some notes throughout the season, which she has handed to me. Does this mean she has put her hat in the ring and offered to take on the Newsletter writing duties from now on?? Apparently the second word of the answer is off!! This is such a shame, as for a fleeting moment, I was looking forward to retiring from the task and handing over the reins to someone else. This would give me more time to spend pottering around in my man cave!! Oh well, looks like I will have to waffle on and be rude to you all for a few more years yet.

Prices Despite the fact that we need to fund numerous projects at the house that never seem to end and also the fact I have purchased a brand-new van!! (More on that later in the newsletter) I am pleased to say that we have decided not to increase the prices at Magic Cove for next season. The ongoing pandemic has been tough for many small businesses and some have upped their prices. While it may have been necessary for some, to keep their heads above water, I can’t help feeling that some have used the excuse to rip the holidaymakers off. Something we would never do to you, as I am sure you all know, we love you so much 😊

Deposits Polite request please from the boss, for those of you that have made a provisional booking for 2022. Lesley became very frustrated last year with the fact that many of you just paid the deposit and neglected to send us the completed booking form which she requires to be able to process the booking. This meant that she had to constantly chase people up for it. Remember that when Lesley is in a bad mood, then I suffer the consequences and I have always followed the philosophy, happy wife, means easy life. The booking form can be found here on our website, I am sure that most of you are intelligent enough to be computer savvy? If you are not, hopefully you have a family member or friend who is cleverer than you? Failing that, please contact us and Lesley will sort it and send one out in the post.

Improvements We are always open to ideas, please feel free to give us any suggestions to help make your stay at Magic Cove any happier. This year, Angela and Andy Dalwood asked if we could put a light up above the elsan, for those who felt the need to empty their toilets at night. I was happy to oblige, but think before you bombard me with loads of work. Major changes will result in increases to our prices, so keep them small. Plus, I am getting too old for ripping up the site. I am sure the reseeding that I do right after we close gets harder every year. Yes, at the time of writing this, the pitches are completely green again. However, this won’t last long, as we are a victim of our own success. I recall in the early days of my Magic Cove life, when we would be full for Easter and then would be completely empty, not see anyone at all for a few weeks until May. These days, the pitches are hit hard constantly from the day we open which means bye-bye to the grass within a very short time. We would love to rest pitches, like some of the bigger sites do, but this is just not possible for us.

TV One major change at Magic Cove this year saw a complete upgrade of our Television system. The old one was overly complicated and rapidly failing. We originally started with around 45 channels on it, but come the end we only had 22. Please don’t ask me how it worked as I haven’t got a clue!! I only know that it kept moving the goalposts and we would lose channels every year. Very frustrating, as it wasn’t cheap!! We now have a Freesat Satellite system which provides over 180 Channels. We also offer a free loan of Freesat Boxes for you to use during your stay. Please remember to return the remote control in the box before you leave. We lost count of the number of times they were not there when we checked. We should have put a £5 deposit on them, we would probably have earnt enough to retire by the end of the season. Also feel free to bring your own Freesat Box if you have one. Or a Sky box will also work (not Sky Q). You will be able to watch any recordings and also record on it, but as there is only one cable, you would not be able to watch TV whilst recording. The work required me to dig deep trenches all the way around the outside of the site for new fibre optic cables. This was quite a challenge at my age. I was expecting all sand, but found many roots……..

Wi-Fi For 2022 we hope to bring some improvements to our service. Currently, we have approximately 12mbps speed on our phone line broadband. This obviously can cause issues, especially as we also provide it to the Marver customers below. We have looked into the option of using satellite broadband through a local company and hope to be able to offer download speeds of 40mbps, which is nearly four times what we currently have. This will also be a guaranteed speed, as there is no drop in speeds with satellite broadband. It will obviously be more expensive to provide and we may have to look into increasing the charge slightly for people who wish to purchase extra codes, other than the free one provided per person. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, for more updates on this and also everything else Magic Cove.

Gripes Yes, the dreaded bit where I like to have a little moan at you all. This is where my inner Basil Fawlty makes an appearance. Once again, it would appear that I have to mention.....

The Bins Probably more Lesley than me, as I refuse to go rummaging about in them. But she would spend every morning going through your rubbish which I am sure you will appreciate is not very nice. I put this in the newsletter every year, but it still appears to fall on deaf ears…. PLEASE READ THE SIGNS and PLEASE RECYCLE. This is especially important, as we get charged a considerable amount for being overweight for the general waste, so the more we can recycle, the better for us. Lesley is either spending her time removing recycling from the general waste, or removing glass bottles from the recycling. Also, on the point of bottles and especially milk containers, please empty and rinse them out before chucking them in. There is nothing worse than stale milk stinking the place out and there is a tap near the bins behind the gents, so there is no excuse. Apologies if you feel I am being blunt, but we are both frustrated by this. Please let’s all do our bit to keep the site the lovely place that it is.

Freezer We had major issues with our urinals at the end of July, when they became blocked. This resulted in the office becoming flooded when the drains blocked up. This was not the nicest of situations and we had to obviously clear out the office to allow it to completely dry out for several weeks. We moved the Freezer into the Launderette and decided to give you the opportunity to try and be responsible for your own Ice Packs. However, it would appear that you are not to be trusted!! Not only did they all get mixed up, despite there being names on them, now you have all gone home, our own stock of spare Ice Packs has been drastically depleted. So, we have made the decision to take responsibility for this again next season 😐

Rainfall Figures I have been asking myself, why do we put the rainfall figures in the newsletter every year, I can’t think of one single reason why you all want to know how much rain you had during your stay. Lesley informs me that they have always been included, so I suppose I had better stick with it. Maybe next year I could include the sunshine figures to make things a little more positive for you. Let me know if you think this would be a good idea?

March April May June July August Sept October

2019 67 37 17 90 52 70 62 123

2020 59 42 16 76 24 81 22 95

2021 34 4 106 62 80 21 70 158

An exceptionally dry April, the driest I have ever known, but May seriously nosedived. We were treated to a mini heatwave during the middle of July, unfortunately this was followed by Storm Evert at the end of July bringing gusts of over 40mph. August brought us the sunshine again. A vast improvement on other years and very unusual during school holidays!

Special Thanks I sadly lost my Mum in June following a short illness and would like thank you all for your cards of condolence and sympathy that I received. I would also like to say special thanks to Linda and Ray Jeacock who practically ran the site and took over the cleaning duties. Thank you for all you do for us, especially during this very difficult time for me………

Covid Although we were not quite so impacted this year, only missing the first two weeks of our season, it still brought problems. We once again decided to close off the toilet blocks for cleaning and will probably keep it that way permanently. To be honest it works better and we can be in and out quicker when we do it that way. The wider community struggled, in particular the hospitality sector. Both the Merrymoor and Catch had to close their doors on a few occasions, mainly due to staff shortages, because of them being pinged via the App. Once we are over this winter, we all hope that things will start to look up for the Spring of 2022.

G7 I am sure they were a group on the X Factor many years ago? However, they are apparently, a group of world leaders who fly around the world in their large jets to meet up and try and sort out the economic problems in the world. One of the many things that the ongoing pandemic introduced us to was Zoom meetings, so why they couldn’t do that instead, to help with climate change is beyond me. Unfortunately, they decided to bring the summit to Cornwall in June. Although many will say it was good for the region, it brought chaos. Numerous road closures, one of which was around the Airport, meaning a long diversion for Caravans, all the way into Padstow and up the coast road. Really practical with all the narrow roads!! One positive to come out of it all, was a new mobile phone mast near the Airport. This was put up purposely for the world leaders. It was due to be removed after the conference, but has not as of yet. It covers O2 and Vodaphone networks, so anybody with these found they had a 4g signal down on the site. We are unsure if this will still be the case next year.

Retirements There were a few regular Magic Covers who retired from work in 2021. Congratulations to Dawn & Jon Roe who both retired – it was the first time that they had spent a full two-weeks together at Magic Cove…and thankfully they didn’t kill each other!! 😉 Special mention should also go to our heroes in the NHS who retired during a difficult end to their working lives. Jane Hacker who was a nurse, also Julie Clarke and Kim Cavagin who were both Pharmacists. We salute you ladies and hope you all enjoy your well-earned retirement. Hopefully spending a few happy times at Magic Cove. Special thanks must also go to Kim who organised a wonderful afternoon tea for everyone at the site to celebrate her retirement. It was really scrumptious and despite the wet weather everyone enjoyed the fantastic spread of sandwiches, cakes and cream teas. Jam first of course, the Cornish way and the correct way. All these people retiring is making us jealous and has got us dreaming, but don’t worry, we will be hanging around for a few more years yet. However, we don’t plan to go on forever and the day will inevitably come at some point when we decide to call it a day………………😊

Paignton Lesley decided to let me have a break in August, and it did not involve Argyle so I was honoured. Seriously though, it is very difficult for us and very unfair on Katie, that we can’t take her away in the school summer holidays. So, I took her to Paignton for three days of daddy-daughter bonding. This involved a couple of trips to the Zoo and plenty of time on the seafront and in the arcades which Katie loves. It was a bit of an eye opener though to see the hoards on Paignton Seafront. I don’t think I would be going back there again in August!

Camping We also managed some camping of our own in July and August during the lovely weather, when we put up our tent in the front garden. Unusually for me, I slept better than in my own bed. Things didn’t start well, when three of the four main air beams failed on us, but a big thank you to Vango who came good and replaced all four of them, free of charge.

Beer Challenge A special mention must go to Tom Yates, who ordered 48 cans of his favourite lager and two bottles of gin for him and his girlfriend for their holiday in August. Unfortunately, due to Covid delays this only arrived two days before they were due to go home. The challenge was on to get through it all. Thankfully Dad Ian and Mum Julie were also on site to help them out. A good effort by all of them, but I don’t think they quite made it!

Painted Rocks Some beautiful art work on small stones which were created by regulars Karen and Dawn, which they left all around the site during their stay in September. This is the second year they have been doing this and we now have quite a collection, many weren’t found until after we were closed. We will spread them around at various times during next season, so keep a look out for them and see if you can find a little bit of Magic…………...😊

Chocolate Fairy We only happened to mention to one regular Magic Cover who comes in July that our guilty pleasure was Cadbury Chocolate. However, we were completely shocked and overwhelmed by what arrived in the post not long after they went home. A rather large box full of a wide selection of Cadbury Chocolate bars. I won’t mention any names, but you know who you are and it was extremely naughty. Thank you though, we are still slowly getting through them all, but think they will last beyond Christmas. Bang goes the diet………. again!!

Macmillan Coffee Morning A big thank you to everyone who provided cakes and raffle prizes for our annual event. Also, thanks as always to Sue Wickens for her continuous hard work, making Teas and Coffees for everyone, with me as her lowly assistant. We raised the amazing sum of £600. This was from a raffle and donations received both on the day and from other campers who very kindly donated throughout the season. Your generosity is much appreciated.

And finally..... I am doing my bit for the environment, unlike the G7 members and have purchased a brand-new van. It is a Peugeot e-Expert, which is fully electric. My diesel van has always had real problems with emissions due to the fact that it gets so little use other than going back and forth to the site. Be aware, you won’t hear us coming next year, so for those of you up to no good, who usually scatter when we drive in the site, watch yourselves!!!! 😉

We look forward to seeing you all at Magic Cove in 2022

Lesley, Brian, Lauren, Katie & Mawgan xx