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Newsletter 2018

Magic Cove News 2018
We are on the change…..!!!

I can’t believe that another year has flown by, but here I am doing my favourite job of writing the annual newsletter!!!!!  It only seems a short while ago that I was writing the last one??  I will eventually get through it by the skin of my teeth in time for the editor to do her usual job of making sure we don’t get sued.  As always, I will try to manage to fill four pages with some good news, some bad news, some moaning, the odd funny story or ten and the usual useless information that most of you all seem to love to read. Apologies that you have received your bookings and newsletter later this year.  This was because of things out of our control.  We have decided to extend the deadline for you to return your deposits to compensate for this.  More on that later in the newsletter...

We have decided to go for a rebrand and our fancy new logo will soon be on all things Magic Cove.  It took a while and a big thank you to Ben from PJ Print who designed the new logo for us.  It did cause a few heated discussions and disagreements between me & Les, but with a bit of compromise we got there in the end. Hope you like it?

Social Media    We are looking to increase the ways we communicate and share things with you all.  We already have our Facebook page.  If you haven’t found us, search for Magic Cove Touring Park.  We now also have Instagram and Twitter pages, for those of you that use these sites, please look us up.

Contact details   We have had to change our email address for technical reasons so please update your records and use it when contacting us from now on.  The new address is

Thank you
to everyone for making 2018 yet another very busy & successful season at Magic Cove.  Apart from the bad start in April, we were blessed with relatively good weather.  This was very welcome following the washout of 2017.  Provisional bookings are looking exceptional for 2019 with very limited space available in April/early May, and then no other vacancies for the rest of the season.  You all keep coming back, much to the annoyance of anybody new trying to get in.  Not sure why you do, but we are not complaining and long may it continue.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for plenty of sunshine for everyone next season!!

Bad News   Firstly, I will get the bad news done and dusted.  As you will have probably already guessed, we are going to have to reluctantly put the prices up.  Well you did have an amnesty last year, so we are not too mean.  There will be a £1 per night increase across the whole season.  This will include the Tennis Court area as well, where it will be 50p extra per adult/per night, putting a mere £7 on the cost of your Magic Cove fix per week.  Amazingly I can do basic maths…. As very few of you probably know, I have appeared on Countdown, which is one of my many claims to fame. DVD available on request should you feel the need for a laugh on a day of inclement weather.

A Moan or two   Once again I have to bring up your recycling habits.  I am sure I put this in last year’s newsletter, but this goes to prove that those responsible, either don’t read it, or are too drunk to find the correct bin.  Please don’t put glass in the general recycling bin.  There is a dedicated bin clearly marked for this.  It makes my lovely wife extremely angry and it became her routine this season to remove glass on a daily basis.  Just one bottle in the wrong bin contaminates it and makes the recycling pointless!!
We had a few instances of people finding dog poo on their pitch, which is not nice.  Please keep your dogs under control, especially if they are prone to wondering off on their own accord.  Those picking up dog poo down on the site don’t need to take it to the dog bin at the bottom of the dog run.  It can be deposited in the main rubbish bin on site, that is where I empty the dog bin anyway.  Right, that is enough moaning for one newsletter.  Let’s see if you can give me nothing to moan about next year...Sorry for being Mr Grumpy!!

Disclaimer   Now on to the interesting side of the 2018 season.  If I offend anyone, think yourself lucky that you have managed to get a mention.  Many aspire to get in the Magic Cove newsletter every year and have moaned that they don’t get in.  I take no responsibility for any offence taken and anything really offending will probably be removed by the editor anyway.  If you are still offended, speak to her not me!!

Improvement  We hope you all liked the doggy shower that I installed, complete with warm water.  My, we do spoil your four-legged friends.  This was put in following a suggestion by one of our regulars Sheila Lynch. We liked the idea so we ran with it.  It doubles up as a wetsuit and foot wash as well.  But don’t get any ideas about saving yourself 20p and having a shower in it yourselves, doggies only please, we don’t want any entertainment!!

A big thank you to Ray Jeacock who helped with the painting of the main building early season. I dislike painting even more than writing this newsletter, so was more than happy to delegate!! Anyone who likes painting, please feel free to bring your dirty clothes with you. Paint and equipment provided of course.

An apology at this point, I feel the need to backtrack on a comment made in last years newsletter. I had promised major changes in the showers for the 2019 season. Due to unforeseen circumstances this will now not be happening, but I promise it will happen dreckly. Hopefully in time for the 2020 season. We do propose to carry out some other works over this winter, including improvements to the old rubbish shed by the chemical toilet disposal to make it more user friendly. We have to up our game a bit now Marver has had a spruce up. mWe have to say that since Fiona and Geoff have been looking after the place, they have gone to great effort to tidy it up. Speaking of Marver, they are currently in the process of building their sparkly new toilet block which will now be down on their camping pitches. With the fact that they will be easier to spot for their customers and providing Fiona and Geoff return for 2019 to keep them clean, then hopefully we will be getting far less intrusions into our facilities next year. Our resident interceptors, including Debby the Rottweiler, may be out of a job next year……we certainly hope so!!

Rainfall Stats (mm)  A generally good season throughout. June was the month to be at Magic Cove with practically no rain, and boy was it bloomin hot. According to the so-called experts, Global warming is going to cause major changes in our climate. I am yet to be convinced on global warming, but fingers crossed for all that we get the hotter, drier summers they predict. Not so keen on the wetter colder winters though, won’t get my outdoor improvements done any more………………. brrr





































The winter had been a brutal one with loads of rain and gales. This made getting ready for opening extremely testing and for a while it was touch and go whether or not we were going to be ready for you all. In fact, we actually had heavy snow just one week before we were due to open the gates. Never mowed snow before, so things were interesting. The snow thankfully cleared in time, but the rain unfortunately wasn’t easing up. April was a wash out. This saw a first at Magic Cove in its 37-year history……

On Tow
 I received an early morning call from regulars Bob and Angela who had wanted to get an early start. Unfortunately, they were going nowhere as they were well and truly stuck. Thankfully Bob realised he wasn’t going anywhere and didn’t keep trying to escape. Fortunately, I was able to pull them out with my van and they were on their way again. Apologies to the people following on from Bob for the deep ruts it caused, which I had to fill with sand, but it was obviously beyond our control. Thankfully this was the only incident of someone getting stuck. Sorry Bob, in this situation you were not “Living the dream” and also, you wasn’t going to “Crack On”  The two graphics that Bob has had put on his motorhome. What are you going to have written on next Bob? Think that it should be your other favourite saying “Happy Days”.... lol

Low Loader…(again)
 You may recall the story from last year’s newsletter when one of our longest and oldest customers, Frank lost his caravan on departure and had to be recovered home from the site? Well we were amazed when Frank arrived for the start of his 4-week holiday this year, again on the back of a lorry. Even more scarily, this time he lost his Caravan on the motorway. The problem was caused by a faulty tow hitch on his car and thankfully Frank and Brenda and everyone else on the motorway came away unscathed.  Frank really is a resilient person who not only survived losing his caravan twice, but also over last winter survived developing sepsis while on holiday in Australia – he was critical for a while, with his family travelling to be with him. All this and he will be 90 in March. Frank you are amazing.

Lesley’s Travels
 I thought it was about time I gave my lovely wife a break away this season. With my trip to Wembley in 2016 and then to Grimsby in 2017 in pursuit of Plymouth Argyle glory, I was beginning to feel guilty of going away during the busy season. So, in May, Lesley was off to Cardiff for a few days with Lauren, to partake in retail therapy, a bit of sightseeing and most importantly tickets to see her second love in concert. I am talking about Gary Barlow who is second only to Mawgan….. It made me appreciate what she had done for me the 2 years previously. Juggling the school run along with the dog and the site was no mean feat, especially for a man!!  Only kidding, it was a doddle really. Whose turn is it in 2019?

Newbies  Let us give a warm welcome to all the new customers that came in 2018. There seemed to be quite a few this year, many of these were down to cancellations.  You guessed it, they all liked it so much that they want to come back in 2019. It is difficult when someone new gets in on a cancellation, because of illness or exceptional circumstances, as we have to give people with those types of cancellation first priority to return.  Of course, if you have decided to go elsewhere because you fancy a change or you are fed up with the great British weather? then tough titty you just lost your place. Lesley has a nightmare fitting everybody in but does her best to keep you all happy. I certainly don’t envy her job……………..

Luna   I have to issue my second apology of this newsletter. I received a complaint from Lynn and Dave Thomas, because I forgot to include their lovely dog Luna in last year’s newsletter, despite promising that I would. Luna is a gorgeous Poochon and wow she is just so cute, I am in love… For the last couple of years, I have had most of my orifices licked out by her…...well my ears anyhow.  I keep asking Lynn & Dave if they would like to swap Luna for Mawgan, but they just don’t seem interested.  I think next year I might just swap them when Dave and Lynn aren’t looking.  I am sure they won’t notice!!  Apologies for forgetting her last year, I do hope the picture of her makes it up to you both.  

Adders   Another dog to draw attention this year was Jingle, belonging to the Deacon family, who stayed with us in May.  Unfortunately, he drew attention for the wrong reasons and resulted in a vet’s bill running into thousands of pounds (thankfully insured!!).  Whilst running in the dunes he had an unfortunate incident, being bitten in the mouth by an adder who he tried to bite.  They can be very serious bites, particularly with small pets & children. Thankfully, after receiving the expensive anti-venom and a stay at the vets, Jingle pulled through.  However, this meant Jackie & Pete having to extend there stay at Magic Cove while he was at the vets.  It was a good job we had the space.  Please be vigilant of adders, particularly in warm weather when they like to lay in the grass.  They will usually slither away if disturbed, but not always.

Golitha Falls…Literally   When Vicky Clarke said to her husband John “this year we are going to make some special memories in Cornwall” boy was she not wrong!  We are sure it will be a stay at Magic Cove that they will remember for many years to come.  They decided to pay a visit to Golitha Falls on Bodmin Moor.  A beautiful place and well worth a visit.  Unfortunately, while walking there, Vicky slid down a bank, twisting her foot beneath her and catching the other one in a tree root.  She also managed to smash John’s phone that was in her back pocket, not that there was any signal there anyway.  John couldn’t reach her so returned the dogs to the car and went for help.  After a while the police turned up as a well-meaning member of staff had been concerned about the dogs being left alone in the car.  Fortunately for John and Vicky, their friend’s John and Jane also staying at Magic Cove, visited Golitha Falls that day as well.  They were able to explain the situation to the police and prevent them from smashing their car window.  This turned into quite a scary ordeal because of her location and it was decided that mountain rescue needed to be called in.  After a difficult operation, Vicky was eventually rescued and taken to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth with a badly broken leg.  Vicky and John finally got back to the site at about 2am, the end of a long day.  The leg unfortunately didn’t heal well and poor Vicky had to have it reset and pinned.  One hell of a memory to take home and Jane and John have decided to rename Golitha Falls…. Vicky Falls.   

The Pox   I received a lovely present from Katie for Father’s Day this year.  She caught the Chickenpox which delighted her as she had some time off school.  I wasn’t aware that I didn’t get it as a child and was greeted by the dreaded spots when looking in the mirror.  I was away from the site for a couple of weeks being contagious.  I certainly didn’t want to spread it, as it wasn’t very nice and I was extremely unwell.

Ale Festival woes   Poor Bob didn’t have the best of times this year.  After getting stuck in April, things took a turn for the worse on his second visit in June.  Bob likes a pint or four, going to the Merrymoor every day with his trusty sidekick, Morris the dog.  With the real ale and cider festival going on and it also being his birthday, he was looking forward to it even more. Cue a nasty tooth abscess and following a trip to the dentist, bring on the anti-biotics.  This of course meant no alcohol and although it may have done his liver some good it meant Bob was not in the best of moods.  In the end he had it extracted. Crack On!!!

Site Glitches   If you have problems with anything on site, speak to us.  Please don’t think that you don’t want to bother us, or you can sort it yourself. We are here to make you holiday special and if you have a problem with something, we would rather know about it.  If you find that you’re missing some channels on your television, then it will be our system.  Linda Jeacock decided this year to solve it herself.  Firstly, calling the TV manufacturer, followed by an even more bizarre call to Freeview (our TV system is transmitted via a satellite dish with approximately 45 channels) to tell them they had channels missing.  These calls wasted over five hours of her holiday and caused much stress to husband Ray who had to hit the golf course to recover.  A simple reboot of our system resolved the issue in 1 minute.

Caravan woes!!   Keith Bailey was very distressed this year when his caravan battery wasn’t charging and his fridge not working.  He spent days of his holiday trying to resolve the issue.  He nearly purchased a new battery and also considered calling Paul Dix our helpful caravan repair man.  It was only when friend Ray took a look, the problem was resolved.  Turn the switch on for the battery charger Keith.  Was this a case of the switch being off, but someone’s home.  To make matters worse, Keith is actually an electrician…doh!!

Wetsuit   Several years ago, Ian Potter made a bet with his son-in-law Martin that he could get into a wet suit.  Ian was rather well-built at the time and always said to me that he used to be FB size (leave you to work that one out) but now he was just XXXL. However, to his credit Ian has now lost a lot of weight and Martin was flabbergasted when Ian surprised him on the beach in a wetsuit.  Ian decided to let Martin off the bet for some strange reason. Now you wouldn’t expect that from a Yorkshireman would you……..

Fireworks   Josh Preece was commuting to Plymouth during his stay in August.  He was part of the team that entered the British Firework Championships.  The event is well worth a visit if you are here in August.  His team, Illusion Fireworks based in Oxfordshire were crowned British Champions at the event.  Check out their display on YouTube, 10 minutes of amazingness!!  Congratulations to Josh and the rest of the team.

Big Bang   The amount of air beam awnings and tents has increased considerably in the last few years.  However please be aware, we had two instances of the beams exploding.  In one of the cases it also exploded through the outer skin causing such a noise that everyone came out to have a look.  I really thought a bomb had gone off in the village.  It had been inflated to the correct rate and was a design fault.

Celebrations   We have some special milestones next year. Bob Flower will be 60, Jane Berwick 70, Frank Chapman 90 and Sharon & Ian Potter celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.  Ian says “I think I will give it another week”.  Congratulations to all.  I feel some parties coming on next year, we do love a party…..

Macmillan   Another successful Coffee morning saw us raise £508.20 for the good cause.  Thank you as always to hosts Sue and Alan Wickens, everyone who made cakes and helped out on the day and also to all who donated. We have decided that as it is always the same people donating every year, we are going to expand the event and hold a raffle throughout the season to get you all involved.  There will be lucrative prizes of Magic Cove gift vouchers available to win.  Watch out for us coming around with our raffle books.

Get your bowling shoes on   Lesley now holds the Magic Cove bowling record with a score 166, beating Richard Dixey who previously held the record with 156.  However, get practising everyone, as our daughter Katie is in training to beat us all!!  She has just achieved a score of 134, at just 10 years old we think that’s fantastic!  Lesley’s score could soon be in jeopardy,

And Finally….. For those who pay their deposit by BACS, please note that we have changed banks and you will need to use the new details shown on the booking slip.  Also, as we were late getting this out, we have decided to give you until 31st January to confirm your booking.  But be warned, we don’t want to have to chase you up after this.  You may be replaced by some of the many new ones that wish to get in.....

Look forward to seeing you all at Magic Cove in 2019

(Written by Brian under sufferance and grammarised (is that a word?!) by my lovely wife, Lesley)

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